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Fourth + Main Update

Posted by Jay Emmer on February 4, 2021
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Architecturally, Fourth + Main pays tribute to Ketchum’s mining history while complimenting more recent traditions.

Through height variation and step backs,
the building maintains similar aesthetic to its surroundings within the Ketchum core. In fact, 74% of the frontage along Main Street is only
11 ft in height.

Through thoughtful architectural relief, this half-block mixed-use building has significantly less scale, and provides more undulation than other facades along Main Street.

WORKFORCE HOUSING: Fourth+Mainwillperpetuallydedicate8+/-WorkforceResidencestodeed- restricted, rent-controlled housing in Ketchum’s Core, allowing people that work in the Core to live in the Core. Fourth+Main is the only currently proposed development, with the exception of the Bluebird project, that provides housing for Ketchum’s general workforce – not housing that is exclusive to employees that work in the businesses of the proposed developments.

ECONOMIC STRENGTH & DIVERSITY: With the intention to not bring another bank or financial institu- tion to Main St., the new commercial spaces on Main St. will bring new business that have their lights on after 5pm, new jobs, entrepreneurial opportunity, and will add to the diversity that already exists in downtown. Pre- liminary conversations with former Formula Sports’ employees may culminate in another local sporting goods store at Main St. and 5th.

A MORE VIBRANT, THRIVING, WALKABLE & SAFE DOWNTOWN: New pedestrian-friendly, wide, safe, heated sidewalks in front of new storefronts on Main St., and parallel to Fourth+Main on Fourth and 5th, along with businesses that have their lights on after 5pm, will bring year-round life and activity to what is currently a dark and dormant block 7 to 8 months out the year.

HISTORY & TRADITIONS/HONORING THE PAST AND LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: Fourth+Main honors the past, embraces the present and allows new traditions to be created. The incorporation of architectural elements that pay homage to Ketchum’s mining heritage, and thoughtfully designing in elements that perpetuate some of Ketchum’s more recent traditions – like a front and center space in Fourth+Main’s Main St. facade that allows Irving’s to keep serving up “Red Hots” [should Jill want to do so].

EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AND SERVICES: Fourth+Main will contribute significantly to the property tax and sales tax collections that directly benefit Blaine County, the City of Ketchum, and the Community of
the Wood River Valley. Everything from local schools, local businesses, and the services that allow the City of Ketchum to keep humming will directly and significantly benefit from this new investment in the Community.

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