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13 Vegetables That Take the Least Amount of Time to Grow

Posted by Jay Emmer on June 8, 2020
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A very relevant article for the Wood River Valley! Article from MSN.

Grow an easy-peasy veggie garden

You’ve burned through all the Netflix shows, organized all your closets, and baked so much banana bread everyone’s sick of it. Why not transfer all that restless energy into a creating bountiful veggie garden? Imagine how convenient it would be to peruse your own garden to “shop” for tonight’s dinner. And before you talk yourself out of it, you don’t have to have a green thumb. Even if the only thing you’ve ever planted was a cosmos in a styrofoam cup for your mom on Mother’s day—you can do this. Simply follow the instructions from the seed packets for your region and use these tips from Master Gardeners, and you’ll have a basket full of fresh, tasty veggies in no time! Follow these 13 tips to grow the perfect vegetable garden.

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