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Quarantine Project: Mood Board | Clean Sweep

Posted by Jay Emmer on April 29, 2020
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Our desire to declutter our living quarters is a spring staple—even more important now that many of us are spending more time than usual at home. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s tradition to spruce up our living spaces so we can breathe deep and appreciate the longer days from our restful environs. For homeowners who love spring cleaning, sorting, and perfecting, this is a satisfying part of keeping a home. 

For those less familiar with Marie Kondo-levels of tidy, take a more relaxed approach: as you make use of different parts of your house, identify what makes you happy in your surroundings and find ways to do more of it, whether that’s through well-organized shelves, bright colors, or clean, unadorned surfaces. Picture all the little pieces of your life tucked away neatly in their place. Cubbies and shelving, baskets, clean lines, naturally lit rooms: these are things that tell us that warmer months are around the corner, and we’ve done our annual clean sweep in preparation.

For more mood board inspiration, take a virtual stroll through the tranquil beauty of organic architecture.

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